Our service is comprehensive, we serve clients in all aspects of risk management:

Consultancy and Procurement 

  • Evaluation and risk management and underwriting insurance policies, analyzing the needs of customers, researching and analyzing the different alternatives of the insurance market, and choosing the conditions more suitable. Recommend the most appropriate form of insurance in our professional judgment. We aim to achieve the best conditions at a reasonable cost in leading Insurance Companies and solvents.
  • Preparation of insurance programs for companies and finding the coverage of these programs in the insurance market: design of special coverage, including drafting a policy clauses may need for the best risk underwriting. Designing a specific program we optimal insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost. We also assist in the interpretation of clauses and insurance products in general.
  • Review of the documentation submitted by the Insurance Companies, to see so adjusted as requested. We maintain a custom file documentation of all Clients.
  • Update and adjustment of policies taken: cumplimentamos administrative requirements set out in the contract so that it is in full effect. Instruct the customer on their duties, rights and obligations in relation to insurance contracts through us. We negotiate with the companies policies to adapt to the circumstances and needs of Customers
  • Review and inspection of risks Clients continuously. We are aware of market developments and legislative requirements to permanently adapt insurance policies. Our goal is the optimal renewal of each annuity policies.
  • Economy: Our fees are included in the price of insurance, and do not pose a greater cost to the Insured..


  • Claims processing from the time of its occurrence, advising and intermediating by the Customer to the Company in its resolution. We documented records for that handling is agile and quick.
  • In the settlement of claims and before the divergence of interests between the Insurance Company and the Customers, mediate between both parties and advise the customer to get the best and fastest compensation. best meet the needs of coverage and keep better proportion to the cost of raw


  • Motor Vehicles
  • Boat Insurance
  • Motorcycles & Bikes
  • Insurance Trade
  • Transport Insurance Freight
  • Insurance Travel Assistance
  • Accident ConvenioRetirada Carnet
  • Private Medicine and Disease
  • Compensation Daily
  • Life, Pensions and Retirement
  • Insurance Building
  • Financial Products
  • General Liability
  • Insurance Industry
  • Insurance Pets
  • Continuing Studies
  • Insurance Communities
  • Others

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