Notary Procedures
gestiones notariales

Over the life of individuals and companies, many occasions where we need to go to a notary. At that time it will require the notary function, equally important is the advice, preparation of documentation and management, which should be treated with the utmost professionalism.

  • Want to buy a home, often with home loan?
  • Are getting married and would like to learn what the property regime in marriage?
  • Have you asked for a personal loan?
  • Has agreed with other friends and will take with them a business creating a society?
  • Have you signed a document in another city and can not move?
  • Are there leaks in your home and you want to claim expenses to the insurance company?

In these and hundreds of other cases will require the services of a good adviser and a Notary

The deaths and subsequent inheritance are also one of the typical fields of notarization. From the will, by which one determines who wants to be his heir and has a varied case mix (rights of the spouse, children, differences between them, how to approach difficult situations such as losses, disagreements, precautions to not be occur which do not want to ensure the survival of a specific person, etc.) to how to distribute the estate when the death has already occurred, intestate succession, legacies.

Assessoria Via Júlia can help in all these questions and many more that will eventually lead to a notarial deed, and that help is before, during and rear, and also wide.

If you expressed his intention to make writing a floor that has bought or sold , grant a to , do will , form a company, celebrating marriage contract (the contract on the property in marriage) or anything of legal nature related to the private civil or commercial contracts, family life or the succession upon death, Assessoria Via Júlia examine your case and will advise on the most convenient way to treat it, stating the advantages and disadvantages of each option and its cost, including the taxes, if any, you will have to pay.

If properly informed/a, decides to carry out what I had in mind, prepare all ensure that the document was drawn up in proper form and adjusting to current legislation and finally it is signed before a notary. This will empower you with all the necessary formalities, and give you a certified copy to serve him undisputed title anywhere to submit.

Know that the notarial fees are set by the Government through a Royal Decree approving the notarial tariff, by what the amount will be the same at any Notary Spain to that you. it is directed.

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